Love reading to your kids? I do! As a teacher, my favorite part of the day was gathering my students together for a read aloud. Every month I am going to share a read aloud book for kids and some strategies to help engage your listeners.

It’s always fun to do a related activity afterwards. You can follow me on Instagram to see even more back to school and fall themed activities for the whole month of September.

If You Take a Mouse to School by Laura Numeroff begins with a mouse wanting a lunchbox. This soon starts a series of events where a boy takes the mouse to school and he participates in many different activities. This book is great for practicing the skill of sequencing story events.

Tips for an interactive-read aloud:

  • Before reading ask your child to make a prediction: What do you think will happen when a mouse goes to school?
  • Count the number of books or students in the classroom.
  • Have your child make connections: Do you see some similar items on the page that you use in school?
  • Help identify object functions: What does a backpack do? What does a pencil do? What does a bus do? etc.
  • Ask your child if they remember where mouse put the lunchbox.
  • Explain the meaning of some vocabulary words such as locker, experiment, furniture, bookshelf, notebook.
  • Challenge you child to try and remember the correct order of the story events. What did the mouse ask for first? Next? Then? etc.

To go with this read loud, you can create a cute mouse snack with toast and crackers. I created 2 worksheets that go along with this book to help practice line tracing and creative coloring. Have fun reading and completing these activities with your child! You can get the FREE worksheets here.

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