The whole purpose of our ‘getting ready station’ is to promote independence. I model our daily tasks that are included in my toddler’s daily routine. It is helpful to create and keep a consistent routine because it gives toddlers a sense of security in this big, overwhelming world. Our morning and bedtime routines still aren’t perfect, but we always try our best. These transitions can be stressful, but keep in mind that this will help our little ones gain confidence and independence! Read below to see what items I have included in my toddler’s self-care station and why.

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My child has enjoyed looking into mirrors ever since he was s baby. I made sure that I placed the mirror at eye level. Instead of always having to lift up your kid for then to see the mirror, they are now welcome to use the mirror at any time. I purchased a mirror that was child-friendly and made of impact-resistant soft plastic. I did not have to drill any holes in the wall because it has a self-adhesive backing.


I wanted to give my child a place to sit when he gets himself ready. Having a stool or seat is helpful when your kid is changing clothes because it will help them to lean or balance. I purchased a storage ottoman because it resembled the same ottoman that I use when i get ready. Our children love to imitate us, and I’ve seen him sit to brush his hair just like I do in the morning.


Want to teach your little one some independence? Allow them to pick out their own clothes and dress themselves. It takes a lot of practice and patience but giving them access to outfit options is a good start. I use one hook and place two outfit choices on it for him to pick from. I placed it in a spot that was easily accessible for him so that he can choose his outfit and then attempt to dress himself. You can also include baskets for socks, underwear, and pajamas. We keep the hamper nearby and I remind him to place his dirty clothes in the right place.


A shelf or storage basket is a great place to keep all of your child’s self-care belongings in one spot. Some basic self-care tasks that we’ve been practicing include brushing our hair, wiping our nose with a tissue, and cleaning our ears. So in my child’s storage shelf we keep a hair brush, tissues, and ear swabs.


Children thrive on structure and routines. Providing and following a visual schedule is an easy way to add structure to their life. I created a toddler-friendly routine chart. I thought about how our routines go for the morning and bedtime to help create a simple visual schedule. At this time, my son still needs assistance and reminding, but this is great way to encourage some independence. I’m hoping that having the visual reminder nearby will at least help decrease some of the nagging in the future.


Would you like to use this toddler routine chart too? You can download the simple, visual, morning routine chart and bedtime routine chart. I also made a second version to include potty time.

Focus on the routine for a while as you help teach your child to recognize the symbols, understand the order, and learn to direct themselves through the routine.

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