I’ve tried many different sound machine after having my first baby. There are a lot of different products out there and I needed something that met ALL my different needs.

The Hatch Rest + Baby Sound Machine is a nightlight, sound machine and timer all in one device. You can control it all from your phone. It has many different adjustable settings to meet your needs such as color, brightness, sound type and sound volume. This is the tool you need for effective nap time and bedtime routines.

Here are the reasons why the Hatch Rest Sound Machine is the perfect product for your family:

Favorite Settings

There is a whole library of soothing sounds and night light colors. Through the app on your phone you can save 6 of your favorite settings. Then you can turn on these favorites with just a tap on the Hatch or a button on your phone. This comes in handy when you need to do night time feedings or diaper changes.


You can set programs to run each day that align with your child’s sleep schedule. You just set the time and what settings your want and then it automatically runs throughout the day. This comes in handy when we have a babysitter because I don’t need to teach them how to use the sound machine- it goes on/off when it needs to automatically!

Time to Rise

Program a calming sound (like birds chirping) and color as a morning wake up call. This feature goes along with creating a schedule. I set a ‘Time to Rise’ light color and sound which lets my toddler know when it is okay to get out of bed.

Travel Friendly

Want to use it in the car? Not a problem! The Hatch Rest + can be unplugged for up to 10 hours and run on batteries. That means the white noise and the night light can be used in the car. Once you get to your destination, you can easily connect it to any wifi network. This feature also comes in handy for when there is a power outage.


The Hatch Rest + Baby Sound Machine includes a two-way audio monitor feature. This also comes in handy when you are using it for travel because you can listen and talk to your child all from your phone. No need to pack both a monitor AND a sound machine for your trip.

Control on your phone

Don’t want to walk into the nursery to disturb your sleeping baby? You can turn the Rest on and off and change the volume and brightness remotely from your smartphone.

Toddler Lock

When you are creating and scheduling different programs there is an option to turn on the “Toddler Lock” feature. Toddler Lock means that the Touch Ring and base buttons will be disabled during the entire duration of the program. This will prevent your little one from playing around with the Hatch while it is in use.

Hatch Baby Rest vs Hatch Rest +

  • Hatch Rest + is compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Hatch Baby Rest must be plugged in, but Rest + can be unplugged and run on batteries
  • Hatch Rest + has a two-way audio monitor
  • Hatch Rest + has a digital clock
  • Hatch Baby Rest connects via bluetooth, Hatch Rest + connects via WiFi

The Hatch Rest Sound machine can be used for transitions, quiet time, homework time, and any other daily routine. It is worth the money because it can grow with your child. It’s been my favorite sound machine for both babies and toddlers.

Tell me in the comments if you use the Hatch and how you use it!


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