One of my guilty pleasures is buying (too many) children’s books! Reading to your child not only supports language & cognitive development, but also provides a wonderful opportunity for bonding.

My child certainly has his favorites that he wants me to read to him over and over again. Every month, I love to switch up the books on his shelves. The April picture books list has books about spring, weather, bunnies, and of course, Easter!

It’s Spring!

It’s Spring! by Samantha Berger is beautifully illustrated story about spring. Each animal is telling one another that spring is here. The watercolor illustrations and easy rhyming sentences will keep children intrigued for the whole story. [Board Book]

A Little Book About Spring

A Little Book About Spring by Leo Lionni and Julie Hamilton has colorful illustrations paired with simple text about spring. Each page described scenes you might see and hear outside during the spring season. [Board Book]

Plant the Tiny Seed

In Plant the Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson you will see how tiny seeds bloom into beautiful flowers. Children engage with the book as they wiggle their fingers to water the seeds, clap to make the sun shine after rain, and shoo away a hungry snail. It also features small garden animals, including a worm, bees, a snail, and hummingbirds. I love that this book is interactive so you will never get the same story twice! [Board Book]

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt by Laura Hughes is the perfect story for Easter and springtime.  In this book, four bunnies set off to find 10 hidden Easter eggs. As you read, you can encourage your child to count the eggs as they look for them.  This lift-a-flap book is entertaining and a great addition to your holiday collection. [Board Book]

Bunny Roo, I Love You

Bunny Roo, I Love You by Melissa Marr is a sweet book that illustrates the many ways parents make their new babies feel at home. Each page features an animal and how they are for their young. Even though the title and front cover has a bunny, this book can be enjoyed all year round. [Board Book]

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime

“Little Blue Truck’s Springtime” by Alice Schertle just needed to be added to our collection. My son loves all the “Little Blue Truck” books! In this version, Blue is out for a ride with his friend Toad. On each page, your child can lift the flap to reveal all the new baby animals that are born on the farm. This book is also great for practicing animal sounds will your child. [Board Book]

Books and stories open up a whole new world to your child. Take the opportunity to have conversations with them about the book you are reading. Make stories fun and engaging by changing your voice and making sounds. Do you have any favorite books that you’re reading during the spring months? Tell me about them!

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