Love reading to your kids? I do! As a teacher, my favorite part of the day was gathering my students together for a read aloud. Every month I am going to share a read aloud book for kids and some strategies to help engage your listeners.

It’s always fun to do a related activity afterwards. You can follow me on Instagram to see even more Halloween and fall themed activities for the whole month of October.

Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O’Connell counts down from ten to one with ghosts flying away from their house. A witch is scaring them away with her costumes and props. In the woods, the ghosts come up with a plan to get their house back from the witch. This book is great for practicing counting, rhyming, and learning Halloween related vocabulary words.

Tips for an interactive-read aloud:

  • Before reading you can have your child identify the title and the author of the book by pointing to each one.
  • Discuss what the word ‘timid’ means.
  • Ask your child who lives in the haunted house.
  • This book has rhyming words on each page if you are working on rhyming. After you read the lines containing the first rhyming word try to pause or wait for your child to fill in the corresponding rhyming number.
  • Identify some of the Halloween related characters such as the witch, skeleton, bat, ghoul, vampire, etc.
  • Encourage your child to yell out ‘BOO!’ all together at the end of the book to help scare the witch away.
  • Challenge you child to try and count backwards from 10 to 1. You can pretend to be a spaceship preparing for blastoff.

To go with this read loud, you can complete an easy ghost craft together. Use black marker or black paint to draw the ghost faces on white paper plates. Then use glue or tape to attach white streamers or toilet paper. Hang these up outside or inside for some DIY Halloween decor!

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