Love reading to your kids? I do! As a teacher, my favorite part of the day was gathering my students together for a read aloud. Every month I am going to share a read aloud book for kids and some strategies to help engage your listeners.

It’s always fun to do a related activity afterwards. You can follow me on Instagram to see even more patriotic and summer themed activities for the whole month of May.

Memorial Day by Emma Carlson Berne is a picture book all about the meaning behind Memorial Day. It includes colorful illustrations and a rhythmic rhyming song. Just scan the QR code on the book to listen to the story and music.

Tips for an interactive-read aloud:

  • Before reading the story ask your child: What do you already know about Memorial Day? (Kids who are already in school may have some information to share)
  • Have your child identify the different characteristics of the American flag. Ex: What colors do you see on the flag?
  • Ask: Where have you seen an American flag? (Start pointing them out when you see them in public)
  • As you sing and read you can help your child identify the words that rhyme
  • Discuss the bold vocabulary words and what they mean. Ex: What is a veteran?
  • Summertime starts on Memorial Day. Ask your child what they are looking forward to this summer
  • Tips on explaining death and war (if you feel comfortable)
    • Start with explaining the definition of the word ‘memorial’
    • Give examples of a memorial they may have seen before to help them understand. Ex: statue at a park
    • Explain that Memorial Day is a day we celebrate and remember the Americans who died in wars
    • You can define war as a situation or a period of fighting between countries or groups of people
    • Discuss ways you can show support: Moment of silence, laying down flowers, create and display a flag, attend a parade, make a donation etc.

To go with this read loud, I created a cut and paste poppy activity. You can discuss with your child why people wear poppies during Memorial Day. Kids can color, cut, and paste together the poppy themselves or you can print it out on colored paper like I did. You can get this FREE Memorial Day poppy activity here.

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