Love reading to your kids? I do! As a teacher, my favorite part of the day was gathering my students together for a read aloud. Every month I am going to share a read aloud book for kids and some strategies to help engage your listeners.

It’s always fun to do a related activity afterwards. You can follow me on Instagram to see even more leprechaun themed activities for the whole month of March.

Leprechaun’s Rainbow by Christy Tortland is a book about the colors of that rainbow that you and your child can enjoy during St. Patrick’s Day!

Tips for an interactive-read aloud:

  • Point out clothing items on the leprechaun. You can point to and label the hat, shoes, pants, etc.
  • Work on animals sounds. This book features a farm with some farm animals.
  • Use action words to describe how a kite goes ‘up’ and leaves fall ‘down’.
  • Point out the different foods at the picnic lunch. You can point to and label the apple, cookie, etc.
  • This book has rhyming words on each page if you are working on rhyming.
  • Tell your child a color and ask them to find the page with that color.

To go with this leprechaun book activity, you can find or create a game that focuses on identifying colors. I created a fun St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt. You can get it in my Etsy Shop here.

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