How can I start teaching my toddler colors? Don’t over-think it! Kids learn best with hands-on activities and engaging play time. Every child learns differently, so I’m going to provide all different resources that you can have in your home for learning opportunities.


“Rainbow Garden” by Jo Lodge is an interactive board book that teaches colors. Toddlers can lift flaps and move sliders on each color page.

“Baby, See the Colors!” by Ekaterina Trukhan is an indestructibles book, which means it is rip proof and waterproof. Your toddler can identify all the items on the color pages.

“Hello Rainbow” by Igloo Books is a very simple board book that features a color and an animal on each page.

“Little Owl’s Colors” by Divya Srinivasan takes you on a journey through a forest full of colors.

“Bear Sees Colors” by Karma Wilson encourages your child to help bear find all the colors around him.

“My First Colors” by Simon Abbott has colored objects on each page for your toddler to identify.


My toddler loves this toy! We practice identifying the produce and what color it is. Then we sort the produce by color by placing them in the correct basket.

Build fine motor skills while also matching colors.

This toy is also great for hand-eye coordination. Toddlers can sort easy-grip rings onto six chubby pegs.

There are a lot of great puzzles out there that help identify colors. This is the one we have at home.

This rainbow stacker toy can be played with so many different ways!

This caterpillar has interchangeable gears that your toddler can match and turn.


Point colors out in the world around you

There are many opportunities throughout your day where you can point out colors. You could tell your child that it’s time to put on the red shirt. You can ask your child to choose between the green or the blue cup. When they hear color words over and over, they begin to associate that name with the color.

Sensory Bins

A sensory bin is typically a plastic container filled with materials and objects carefully selected to stimulate the senses. Sensory bins can be any theme you want, like colors. Check out my rainbow sensory bin. It helped my toddler practice identifying and sorting colors.


Playdough is also a fun sensory material for teaching colors. You can buy it or make your own in any color you want. You can take out different colors each time you play, that way your toddler will always feel like it’s something new and exciting.


Using crayons for coloring is another great way to help your child learn colors. I print out coloring pages based on my child’s interests (ex: Mickey Mouse). While we are coloring together, we identify the colors we are using. Sometimes I ask my child to hand me a specific colored crayon. [This is a great coloring book for toddlers!]

Coloring Sorting

Choose the colors you would like your child to sort and then lay out coordinating pieces of construction paper. You can tape the construction paper to a table top or to the floor. There are so many items you can use for sorting! I’ll provide you with some examples.

Items to sort:

  • Legos
  • Fruit Loops
  • Magna -Tiles
  • Round Color Coding Dot Stickers
  • Multi-colored Pom Pom Balls
  • Colored Buttons
  • Colored Bear Counters
  • Goldfish (Colors version)
  • Collect different colored caps from snack pouches


Songs always help make learning fun! Get your child dancing and singing to some of our favorite songs about colors.

Learn Your Colors from The Kiboomers “150 Preschool Tunes” album

The Colors of the Rainbow from Toddler Tunes'”New Songs for Kids: Original Children’s Music” album

Colours of the Rainbow from Bounce Patrol “Learning Songs” album

The Colors Song from Blippi “Blippi Essentials” album

Rock Your Body to the Colors from Jack Hartmann “Super Fun Learning Songs”

Rainbow of Colours by The Wiggles

Most importantly, remember to have fun. Learning these skills is not a race! If you have any more learning resources you would like to share- leave it in the comments section!

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