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Leaves are falling and I’m ready to share all the autumn and pumpkin-themed activities! Of course that includes some sensory play. I want you to know that making a sensory bin doesn’t have to be expensive and overwhelming. It’s so easy to create one to play with at home! My go-to places for affordable sensory bin items are Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby. Grab a plastic tub or large container and let’s make a pumpkin parts sensory bin!

Exploring the inside of a pumpkin is exciting for kids. There are a lot of different parts and textures for them to experience. Help them learn about the different parts of a pumpkin by creating a sensory bin! For my main base, I decided to use orange dyed rice. I found fake leaves and mini pumpkins at Hobby Lobby. Then, for the fibrous strands, I used cut up pieces of orange yarn. I scattered around some pumpkin seeds and added a green pipe cleaner for the vine. Last, I grabbed a stick from the backyard to use for the stem. For the fine motor tool I just picked out the scooper tool from our pumpkin carving kit.

Dyed rice (food coloring + white vinegar)

Mini pumpkins (Hobby Lobby)

Felt leaves (Hobby Lobby)

Orange yarn (Hobby Lobby)

Pumpkin seeds (Grocery store)

Green pipe cleaner (Amazon)

Pumpkin scooper tool (Amazon)

The pumpkin parts printable diagram was a Freebie Friday post on my Instagram. Make sure you follow me to see even more free printables!

You can also grab the free printable here.

Sensory bins are a great way to encourage kids to explore. They love to learn through hands-on play. These bins are also a great way to provide an independent and quiet activity. Take a look at my other blog posts to see how I change the sensory bins every season.

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