Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated in the first full week of May. Educating our children is one of the most important jobs in the world which is why I think all teachers deserve a thoughtful gift. So now it’s the time of year for us to start searching for teacher appreciation ideas!


Because I’m a former teacher, my friends and family frequently ask me what gift they should buy for their child’s teacher. Since a bottle of wine is an unacceptable item to bring into a school, I’ve compiled a list of some alternatives. I drew on my own years of experience teaching in a public school to make sure these gifts were actually useful. I also wanted to make sure they were budget-friendly because I know that some students have multiple teachers and buying multiple gifts can get pricey.

Inexpensive and Accessible Gifts

Are you looking for inexpensive teacher appreciation gift ideas? I’ve rounded up 7 thoughtful, inexpensive teacher appreciation gift ideas to show your child’s classroom teacher how appreciative you are of a job well done.


What is the one place that has every thing a teacher could need? Amazon! Teachers spend a lot of their own money to make sure their classroom has everything for their students. A gift card to Amazon could help them purchase some of the things on their wish list.


Sticky notes are a life-saving tool for teachers. They help teachers with writing important reminders and labeling stacks of student work.


What’s something that teachers use every day? Pens. Grading papers and taking notes during workshops require a writing tool. Having colorful pen options will make their work day more pleasant.


With all the germs our children bring to school , a teacher constantly needs to wash their hands. Gift them a hand soap that is aesthetically pleasing and has a pleasant scent.


Who doesn’t need chapstick? I have a car chapstick, a coat chapstick, a purse chapstick, and a nightstand chapstick.


Teachers need to stay hydrated (or caffeinated) during the work day. Having a cute cup or tumbler sitting on their desk will make them smile.


A teacher’s week can be filled with meetings. During professional development meetings or parents meetings it’s always important for teachers to take notes.

Thank You Teachers!

Make sure to take the time to say “Thank you!” to all the wonderful teachers in your life. I have a whole section of ‘Teacher Appreciation’ gift tags in my Etsy shop. Check it out and you will see even more gift ideas!

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