My makeup routine has drastically changed over the past couple years. Having a toddler who loves to explore and test boundaries influenced me to make some changes when it comes to getting ready. Having too many makeup products within reach tempts my child to want to grab everything and run away. If I’m not chasing him around the house or trying to manage a meltdown, I’m doing a million different other things. So how much time do I really have to get ready in the morning? Not much time at all.

These days, it’s all about the essentials. I keep eight products in my makeup bag along with the brushes I need to blend them. Everything is all in one place so it’s easy to grab and apply. This simple routine helps me get ready and out the door in five minutes. After completing this makeup routine, I always feel better about myself. It helps starts my day on a positive note.

Looking for something quick and simple? Here are the steps and products that are in my secret five-minute makeup routine:


Always make sure your skin is cleansed and moisturized before applying your makeup. The better your skin looks to begin with, the better the makeup will look. A great moisturizer will help prevent flakiness throughout the day. I also recommend applying an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) every day. Why should SPF be in your daily routine? It protects against harmful UVA & UVB rays AND it reduces signs of aging. To moisturize I use the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream Hydrating Moisturizer (Sephora, $69) and for my daily SPF I use the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare All-Physical Lightweight Wrinkle Defense Sunscreen (Sephora, $42).


A concealer should match the color of your skin and its purpose is to cover up blemishes, dark circles, or any type of skin discoloration. Most people can just spot conceal and be good to go. My skin tends to look red unless I apply some sort of tint all over. I dab on some of the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter (Sephora, $44) and use a brush to blend it all over my face. This helps blur and even out my skin tone and also provides a nice glow. Now I go in with my Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer (bareMinerals, $18) and to lightly cover up any blemishes I wish to hide.


Eyebrows frame the face and good-looking eyebrows will make you look well-rested. I use the Tarte Busy Gal Tinted Brow Gel (Ulta, $19) to make my brows look full. The small spoolie makes it easy to precisely shape your brows however you like. The waterproof formula helps it to stay in place throughout your busy day. Bonus: You can also use this to touch up some gray roots!


Bronzer warms up your skin tone to give you a healthy looking glow. It also gives your face some depth and dimension when applied in the correct places. I apply the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer (Ulta, $15.99) to the hollow of my cheekbones and the perimeter of my face. Sometimes I go the extra mile and trace the edge of my jawline and the sides of my nose.

I also take that same bronzer and use it as an eyeshadow. I can quickly sweep it on the top of my eyelid and into the crease to give my eyes more dimension.


I personally love my eyes, so I definitely want to make sure I draw attention to them. There are literally hundreds of mascara products on the market, so it’s hard to find the perfect every-day mascara. I apply the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara (Ulta, $4.99) at the roots of my lashes and lift up and away as I get closer to the tips. [Tip: I use an eyelash curler before applying my mascara.]

Lip & Cheek

Blush has the power to brighten up your entire face, making you appear more youthful. You can skip the bronzer and just add some blush to the apples of your cheeks to wake up the entire face. You can also use it as an eyeshadow just like I explained with the bronzer. I light dab on HAN Skincare Cosmetics Multistick (Ulta, $18) above my cheekbones, up to my hairline, and also wrap it up to my brow area in an arc. I find that this application technique gives my face a more lifted look. The great thing about this multistick is that I can quickly apply it to my lips with my fingertips for a subtle color.

Finishing Spray

Finishing spray/setting spray is important because it prevents your makeup from creasing, smudging or fading throughout the day. I spray on the Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray (Sephora, $33) by holding the bottle a few inches away from my face and misting evenly after applying all my makeup. Make sure you let your setting spray dry and fully sink in- you can use a mini fan to help speed up the process! Sometimes I spray some setting spray on my makeup sponge and tap it all over to help everything meld together. To find the right setting spray for you, it’s important to know your skin type.

When you have kids, mornings can feel busy, rushed, and complicated. Your makeup routine doesn’t have to be complicated too. Keeping everything simple and organized is a great way to speed up the process. Sometimes you get sick of looking like an exhausted mom, so I hope my five-minute makeup routine helps you feel confident when you look in the mirror.

Friendly Reminder: Everyone’s skin is different. Find products that work FOR YOU!

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