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Favorites of the Month- September

Grape cutter– I see this all over Instagram and I was convinced that I didn’t need it. I was wrong. My toddler loves grapes and tomatoes and this cuts them into quarters easily and fast. I use this so much that it basically stays out on my kitchen counter. Gasp!

Clay Mask– My adult acne is quite embarrassing. Some days are better than others. On bad days I like give myself a mini at-home facial. I always end up using this pore clay mask to fight break outs. My skin always seems to look better the next day after I use this.

Weekly Notepad– Post-it notes are my heroes. I love making lists, reminders, and checking things off. I’m a Capricorn so I like to be organized. Every weekend I use this notepad to remind me of what needs to get done during the week. I love the checklist on the side and it’s the perfect size to stay out on my desk.

Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips– I saw someone post about these on Instagram so I made a mental note to pick up a bag the next time I went into Trader Joe’s. I did not expect to get addicted to them. These have kick to them, but they are still mild enough to be able to enjoy the taste. The next time I went to Trader Joe’s I had to pick up 3 more bags. What if it’s a seasonal item? Maybe next time they won’t be in stock. I need to have them in case of an emergency.

Pajama Set– I always see women in my Facebook groups asking for recommendations for the comfiest pajamas. Myself and others always comment about the Stars Above brand from Target. With the seasons changing I need to sleep in a long sleeve top and shorts. Since becoming a mom my legs like to sweat at night- don’t ask me why! Not only is the fabric super soft, but they also have all different sets and colors for throughout the year.


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