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Favorites of the Month- MAY

Real Techniques Mini Brush– I’m surprised that I don’t see more parents use this technique! Whenever we are at the pool, beach, or spray park I pull it out and use it to apply sunscreen on my son. The size is perfect for on-the-go and the brush is soft on the skin. I own 3 of these brushes because I keep them in multiple bags.

Bubble Machine– Warmer weather means more outdoor fun! My son has been obsessed with bubbles ever since he was a baby. A bubble machine is such an easy way to occupy your kids during the summer break. We’ve actually had this bubble machine for 3 years so I feel comfortable saying that it’s durable. It’s easy to use and I love that it can be charged by battery OR a USB plug.

Skin So Soft Bug Guard– Warmer weather also means more bugs! Mosquitos love me and I recently learned that they also love my son. This is my favorite mosquito repellent because I feel like it works the best over everything that I have tried. It is DEET-free and dermatologist tested so I feel comfortable using it on our sensitive skin. The towelette packets are perfect for travel!

Loopy Phone Case– I own so many of these phone cases! As a mom who always has her hands full, this phone case is a life-saver. I can carry multiple items AND my phone without dropping it. I can hold my phone in my hand comfortably AND it can still fit in my back pocket. The only down-side is that it doesn’t lay flat for wireless charging.

Honey Cinnamon Sweet Thins– I love a lot of food made by this brand! You can get a large bag of these at Costco but I usually pick up a box whenever I am in Target. They taste very similar to Teddy Grahams and graham crackers. My toddler loves them and I like to snack on them with my coffee. Great taste, great ingredients, and gluten free!


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