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Favorites of the Month- MARCH

Mascara– I’ve been using this mascara for several years now and I am always recommending it to friends. It’s cruelty free and the price is too good to pass up. I like that it gives my lashes natural looking volume and there is little to no fall-out throughout the day. I do own more expensive mascaras, but I keep going back to this one.

Wipes Dispenser– I originally thought that this purchase was completely unnecessary but the more I look at it on my kitchen counter the more I am proven wrong. Instead of looking at that ugly bright yellow Lysol wipes container I am looking at a sophisticated piece of kitchen decor. It holds both 35-count and 70-count wipe containers and all you need to do is simply remove the container’s lid, slide the canister into the dispenser, then feed the wipes through the dispenser lid.

Visual Timer– Every toddler mom needs a visual timer. This has helped with transitions so much. Tantrums when it’s time to leave the playground? Tantrums when it’s time to clean up and take a nap? Tantrums when it’s time to turn off the TV? I can’t guarantee that it will work every time, but it has reduced the fights drastically. Pro tip: To give your toddler some ‘control’ ask them how many minutes they would like on the timer and then SET IT TO WHATEVER TIME YOU WANT. They will never know!

Shave Oil– It was my 2022 New Years resolution to shave better. Is that weird? I’m proud that I accomplished it with the help of this moisturizing shave oil. I like it so much better than the foam shaving products. It reduces the amount of nicks and my skin feels silky smooth. I’m excited to try the other scents!

Hummus– Should I always include a snack in my monthly favorites? Incorporating hummus into your diet lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, which can help prevent chronic diseases. I’m picky with my hummus so I struggled to find a hummus brand that I could make my favorite. In addition, my toddler is not a big meat eater so getting him to snack on some hummus with me reassures me that he is getting some protein into his diet.


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