Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to share a few tips about how you can grow your very own vegetable garden. My goal every year is to grow some produce that I can use in my own kitchen. Even if you haven’t ever had a vegetable garden, there are some easy ways you can get started to make your first garden a success. 

I am awful at keeping plants alive, so I am not claiming to be an expert gardener. So if I can grow vegetables, so can you! Here is how you can easily start a successful vegetable garden this spring:

Size and Location

Start with a small garden and pick a spot that gets a lot of sun. That means the spot should get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day. You also want to make sure you can reach it with your garden hose.


Soft loose soil is best. I like to add some fresh gardening soil every year to the dirt that is already in my garden bed. Spend some time tilling up the soil. Spread a 2 inch layer of compost to give the plants extra nutrients.

My garden after tilling and fresh soil.

Buying Plants

Head to your local gardening center to purchase your plant starts, or seedlings. (I don’t recommend starting with seeds if you are a beginner.) Choosing what you want to plant in your garden is totally up to you. I typically buy large tomatoes, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, lettuce, sweet peppers, and strawberries.

Some of the best beginner vegetables include lettuce, peas, green beans, and zucchini.


Use a gardening tool to dig holes large enough to accommodate the plant’s root system in your soil to plant the seedlings. It is critical to have the root collar be at the soil line. Cover the surrounding area and pat down to create firm soil around the roots. Each seedling should be spaced well from the next to make sure each plant has enough room to grow. (Spacing is different depending on the specific vegetable you are growing.)

After planting

Add a layer of mulch all over. Mulch helps to keep weeds down and keep moisture in the ground.

My garden after planting.


Water your garden in the morning or evening. You want to avoid watering during the heat of the day so that the water can soak into the ground. It is recommended that you give your garden 2 inches worth of water about 1-2 times a week.

While there is work in a garden, with weeding, and watering, it’s also a great way to soak up some sun and get some physical activity. You get a sense of feeling good when you growing your own family’s favorite vegetables right at home.

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What vegetables would you like to grow in your garden?

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