Love reading to your kids? I do! As a teacher, my favorite part of the day was gathering my students together for a read aloud. Every month I am going to share a read aloud book for kids and some strategies to help engage your listeners.

It’s always fun to do a related activity afterwards. You can follow me on Instagram to see even more Easter and spring themed activities for the whole month of April.

Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson is all about helpful friends and sharing. Rabbit has so many carrots that he isn’t comfortable in his burrow, so his friends offer for him to stay in each of their homes.

Tips for an interactive-read aloud:

  • Count how many flower pots Rabbit has around his burrow.
  • Ask: What is Rabbit’s problem? How do you think he can solve it?
  • Have your child identify colors by asking: What color are carrots? What color is the tortoise? What color is the bird?
  • This book has a lot of sound effect words like, ‘CRASH!’ and ‘UH-OH!’ so use your voice to make it fun!
  • At the end where the illustrations show that it is raining, you can ask your child to describe the weather.
  • Explain how the different animals have different homes. Rabbits live in burrows, birds live in nests, etc.
  • Remind your child the importance of sharing and how they can practice sharing amongst their friends too.

To go with this read loud, you can find or create a game or sensory bin that practices counting. I created a sensory bin using grass and carrots from the Dollar Tree. Then I created carrots and numbers to match. You can get this FREE counting activity here.

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